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This is your reminder to go do the things that scare you! ✨

Earlier on this month, I hosted my first Yoga Retreat. It was a truly magical weekend, filled with the most valuable reminders and lessons. An experience and a group of people that I will always cherish!

It was also a very challenging place to arrive at! And even though I completely trusted the challenges as they were arising and the lessons that were being born from them, there was moments where I questioned everything!

But being there, was worth it all! Meeting those people, sharing my story and hearing theirs, sharing a practice that connects us, witnessing a community being born... it was worth every part of the journey, and I am not just talking about the month that preceded it, but the entire journey!

In one of the many beautiful messages I received after the retreat, there was one that really struck me. In this message, someone I came to truly appreciate in my life, reassured me that whatever led me to a place where I could help people the way I helped her, was worth it! And I cannot begin to tell you how much I believe in this, how deeply in my being this is felt!

I, like many others, arrived at a place of helping (or trying to) help others, because of my own pain. I arrived here because of so many moments of despair, because of so many rock bottoms. And though I spent so much time and energy resenting those moments and the people that played a role in them, hating, running and hiding… I now know that all those moments were pivotal learning points, without which I would not be this version of me. A version of me that I truly love, a version of my life that is beyond my wildest dreams, not because of the way it expands outwards, but inwards! As I grow older, I see success with different eyes: time, spaciousness, presence, love, community and messages like this…. This is success, this is abundance! And I have enough of it 🤍

I never knew this was possible, I never knew I could turn my pain into healing, or that I could use it to help other with theirs. But it was possible, and this is just the start of something that my current wildest dreams can’t yet grasp! So ask yourself: What is your pain teaching you? How is your pain transforming you and how can you use it to transform the world around you?

I am finishing this month with a renewed sense of purpose and belonging, and with complete trust in where I am and where I am heading! This doesn’t mean I know where I am heading (exactly), but that trust the next step and the infinite chain of steps behind me and ahead of me!

I am finishing this month with a reminder: go do the things that scare you, the things that are wildly out of your comfort zone… because they will (mostly likely) be worth it!

The path of following your heart will not be without struggles, pain or doubt, but the expansion that will bring to your life, is worth everything!

“pick the path that lights you up

the one you know deep down is the right choice

stop listening to doubt

start connecting with courage

do not let the idea of normal get in the way

it may not be the easy path

but you know great things take effort

lean into your determination lean into your mission lean into the real you”

Young Pueblo

If you are reading this, you are – in one way or another – also a part of this crazy magical journey of mine, and for that I thank you! Whatever you brought to my life, the good, the bad and the in between, I am grateful for!

With all my love & gratitude


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