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Sitting comfortably with the uncomfortable 🧘‍♀️

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

a person in a seated twist posture at the beach

We live in a world that strongly encourages us to ignore, mask, bypass, medicate and distract ourselves from our pain and any discomfort (physical and emotional). And although there will be times when this will be necessary, there is a lot we can learn by allowing our physical and emotional pain to exist in us. But in the quest for permanent comfort, have we become too intolerant to discomfort?

One of the most important things I've learnt with Meditation was the ability to sit comfortably with what is uncomfortable. Before starting meditation I would do anything not to feel my pain but that in itself was a kind of pain that would only create more of it, like it was feeding on itself. What I didn't realise was that in doing so I was giving the uncomfortable things more power, more weight and allowing them to take all the space... they grew in size and weight with every time I turned the other way and soon no part of my mind or body was safe to be in. I kept running and I grew more and more absent from my own life.

I remember the first time that I was guided into facing whatever was present and allowing it to exist. I looked at my anxiety without trying to fight it for the first time ever, I said "oh, hi there anxiety. You are welcome here!" and just like that the strong grip it had on my insides loosened and I could breathe a little more freely. There is something so simple and yet so profound in facing an emotion (or anything!) without judgements, without fighting! its almost like in not being resisted or fought the emotion can move freely.

This was a big Ah-Ha moment but of course that it was no magic solution for years of severe anxiety and countless unhelpful coping mechanisms and storylines build up over time! But it was a start, it was hope, it was power being reclaimed!

It took a long time, patience and work for this to become a part of my life. I still experience anxiety and all the other emotions that form part of the incredibly rich human experience, the idea is never to extinguish them but to learn how to peacefully co-habit in this home that is your body & mind!

New meditation here: Sitting with the uncomfortable

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience 🙏

Note: This meditation is not a substitute for professional hep. If you are experiencing or have experienced severe trauma, facing it alone might do more harm than good. Please refrain from doing this practise alone or if you don't feel safe. Take your own time, follow your own path and always try to find the edge of what is uncomfortable but still safe ! Taking small frequent steps is always better than one big single step that might just take you backwards. With this practice, and any other, remember to be kind and patient with yourself 🤍

With love and gratitude,


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