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An invitation to balance - Can you feel it too? 🍃

As the sun rises tomorrow, a new season begins 🍂 And as we approach the Autumn Equinox – a moment a total balance between light and dark, day and night - I, too, feel an invitation for balance.

For me, the transitions of seasons (specially this one) have always been hard to navigate. For years I thought that there was something wrong with me, something that needed to be fixed, and I was looking everywhere but outside! It took me a long time to realise that, in fact, what I felt was pretty similar each year and always on cue with the season transitions. It took me even longer to realise there was nothing to be fixed, there was no way to avoid it and most importantly: even if there was a way to avoid it, I didn’t want to take it. Slowly I started to see these moments, these invitations to change as not only natural but also so needed, so beautiful and so rich!

If everything in nature is governed by these changes, why wouldn’t we be?

There is a level of disconnection between us and Nature that assumes different forms depending on where and how we live. In fact, there is often an encouragement to live in disconnection with Nature and the seasons. We are expected to maintain throughout the year the same levels of energy, motivation, body fat, to look the same, feel the same, exercise the same, and the list continues! But despite this disconnection, there is something in us that feels called to join the cyclical nature of the world around us. Something that knows that balance will never mean immutability, balance can only exist within a system that welcomes change.

But even if we know all of this, transitions can still be challenging and sometimes It’s tempting to rush through – as we do with so many things, so many moments that are only seen as transitional. But in doing so, we lose so much! So much beauty, wisdom and depth that can only be seen when we slow down, when we surrender to what that liminal space can offer. There is a depth to the in-betweeness of those moments that calls us to pause and contemplate who we are, who we are becoming and what lies in between those two versions of ourselves.

So for me, this transition is a time of contemplation and preparation for the deeper works of letting go that will follow. As the leaves start to fall around me, what am I also prepared to let fall?

In case you need it, here's a reminder that this is not a time for rushing, this is a time to slow down, to be present and to very carefully pave the way for what's next. So, spend time outside, connect with nature, slow down and listen carefully to what seems to be calling your attention. Meditate, journal and take time to pause and look at your schedules and routines to see If there is any of it that doesn’t serve you anymore and where there might be space for change, for nourishment, for growth.

If you would like to try the new recorded meditation - An Invitation to Balance - you can buy it or rent it HERE You can also subscribe to the channel here which will give you unlimited access to all uploaded meditations (and one new one added each week).

If you try it, i would love to hear your thoughts!

I will leave you with much love and the the words of the incredible Octavia F. Raheem in Pause, Rest, Be.

“This is uncomfortable. You want to rush through. You want to hurry to whatever is next. Next is not possible yet. Next is being made possible now, and it does not exist yet. Slow down and dream a little. You have the power to conjure and imagine what is next. This is a place of possibility.”

Wishing you all a smooth transition towards the season of letting go 🤍

With love and gratitude


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