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The Season of Shedding 🍂

If there were still any doubts, they are all gone now… Autum is here in full force, gracing us with the most spectacular colours, but also the arrival of shorter, colder and darker days.

I am always fascinated by the similarities between Nature and Human cycles. In this season, Nature gradually slows down and releases anything that will not support the deep rest of winter. At the same time, we are called to the same and release from our lives the things that are draining too much time and energy, the things that weigh too much, consume too much, the things that ultimately will not let us rest deeply enough during the winter season.

The season of letting go!

I have been thinking a lot about these words and what they mean, and for me letting go comes with an idea of action and intention: if I don’t do the letting, the thing won’t go. And even tough there is a time and a place for conscious letting go, what I feel like this time of the year brings is something a lot more effortless. What happens is more like shedding, which implies a natural fall instead of a conscious release. Like the leaves that now start to fall.

I am learning to love watching Nature’s colours and pace change as I extend the same love to my own changing colours and pace! In my life right now, many things are effortlessly falling, and I am finally learning how to notice it without fighting it, how to equally honour what was and what is, how to appreciate the process and welcome whatever will fill the space created by the falling.

If you have been dreading the day when the clocks change, you are not alone!

But remember: this version of you, with all the tools, knowledge and experience you have, has never been here before! And there is a chance that this time is different… can you enter this time in a way that allows it the freedom it needs to become what truly is, instead of a blind reflection of the past?

Little things that might help during the darker months:

- Shift your attention! Instead of constantly noticing what is lacking and what you don’t like, find one thing a day that you like about this season. Simple things like the colours, a drink that only comes in stock now, etc. and write a list you can read on more challenging days. This is not about ignoring any of the challenges you are facing but about meeting them from a place of gratitude and kindness.

- Mirror nature as much as possible. Allow time (schedule even) for slowing down and rest, release things that aren’t working in your life right now.

- Be kind to yourself. There is a natural drop of energy levels and pace, you are not being lazy!!

- Meditate. This is a time of inwards journeying. The more centred you are, the easier it will be to understand and support the changes you need to go through.

- Spend time in nature when possible and see what happens when you try to look at what is changing with appreciation rather than resistance.

- Try to extend the above to your own life and your own changes.

- Remember, this release is what gives space for new things to come! This is less about losing and more about creating space for the new things to come.

This month I have a couple of meditations to offer you:

- An invitation to Centring: A 15 minute pranayama and meditation to invite a sense of centring as we move through transitional times in our lives.

- Sleeping Meditation: In this time of less energy, shorter and darker days, it is so important to sleep well and restore overnight. If you frequently fall asleep with too many things on your mind and keep replaying them over the night in a restless sleep, this might help you! Using these techniques, you are more likely to fall asleep with a clear and rested mind and have a more restful night.

You can buy or rent the meditations HERE

You can also subscribe to the channel here which will give you unlimited access to all uploaded meditations (and one new one added each week).

Sending you all the love,


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